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Designer Headboards

Elevate the look of your bedroom with an eclectic headboard from Kiwi Decors. You can scroll through the assortment of headboards on our website, and you will undoubtedly discover suitable bedheads in Auckland. Our innovative and exemplary designs allow the customers to choose a custom design that suits their style preference. You are just a click away to get the delicately designed headboards delivered to your doorstep. Buying custom headboards have never been this easier.
From traditional to contemporary designs, you will find various options. You can buy the right choice that elevates your bedroom’s style. Though headboards protect your head from a cold wall in winter, these custom-designed products can transform your bedroom’s look in no time.

Upholstered Wall Panels

Kiwi Decors offer a wide gamut of wall panels available in different colours and style. Our upholstered wall panels are carefully crafted to elevate your home and office interiors.
The exquisite designs have attracted more customers to rely on our wall panels. The new designs available in our stores are created with reference to the exterior and decorating trends. Moreover, our skilled experts have done a great job crafting every wall panel design with exquisite detailing. We strive hard to maintain the natural tint, texture and aesthetic appeal of the materials used to customise wall panels.

Upholstered wall panels for your home

Homeowners endeavour to have specially crafted wall panels that bring their home decor ideas to life. We have innumerable customised wall panels that replicate the ambience you need at home, and these designs perfectly suit your style preferences.
When it comes to installing our upholstered wall panels, you can quickly get the job done. These impeccable designs quickly instil ethereal elegance when installed in your home. Our wall panels are crafted using the best quality materials, and they are easy to maintain. If you are looking for simple yet sophisticated wall panels, choose our products to elevate your home interiors.


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