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Commercial Upholstery

Commercial Upholstery

If you are looking for commercial upholstery, you’ve come to the right place.
When you think about updating your office space, it is essential to consider commercial upholstery. With the help of our experts, transform your vision into reality. Hiring a professional is incredibly beneficial for every individual so ensure you get the best services.

We provide quality services at competitive rates with a widespread network of commercial contracts. You can connect with our team members to know more about the skilled craftsmen’s portfolio and evaluate how they can help you to improve your commercial space. We endeavour to finish high-quality finish without taking much time.
Our in-house team with dedicated designers deliver the best services. You can discuss with our team to discover how we progress in the project. Get precise details about time frames and budgets from our experts.

Our team at Kiwi Decors has years of experience in upholstering and utilising diverse materials to craft unique pieces. Our customised services are the best for you if you need professionals to help with commercial upholstery. Experts at Kiwi Decors will evaluate your needs and budget to provide the best solution. We provide upholstery services throughout Auckland, and we have worked with expert designers to offer extraordinary services. Whether it is a big or small project, our experts are committed to imparting the highest quality craftsmanship.
Furniture’s internal structure is specially designed to last for a long time, but constant wear and tear over time is inevitable. Upholstering your furniture can be the best choice. Our team has the experience and skills to incorporate a unique style. We have worked on many commercial projects and understand the customers’ needs to offer quality services. Our upholstery services incorporate several attributes durability, creativity and elegant designs. It’s time to revamp your office space with commercial upholstery.



We promise to arrive on schedule and provide a complete service for your furniture upholstery.
You can expect attention-to-detail and dedicated service from our team of experienced professionals who use only the most trusted and eco-friendly products on the market. We are the sustainable choice in upholstery cleaning and restoring.